When Ghosts Read Nutrition Labels

My beautiful pictureSo, I’m living in an empty nest, and I love it,  it’s a tiny apartment nestled in the hills; my vision for the living room is to create an art gallery. Very minimal.

My brain does not love it quite as much,  It recognizes the changes.  The new job.  The empty nest. The quiet.  I didn’t plan for how much my brain would splat instead of bounce.

As I was facing the stove, a young woman appeared clear as could be, at my pantry.  She was slender, her head was bent down and she was reading the nutrition label on a box of cereal.  She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Startled, I asked “how did you get in here?”  She seemed so real!  So that was my immediate reaction.  I sounded annoyed and angry.  I didn’t even see her walk in.  I don’t know why I didn’t say “Who are you!”  But now I know, if I’m confronted by a stranger in my home who was not requested to do maintenance, I will most likely skip formalities and jump into screaming.

My mind talked to my brain the rest of the evening, as it’s rare for me to have visual hallucinations, and nothing that strong.  I thought perhaps she was a ghost of someone who lived there previously.  I don’t really believe in ghosts, so I decided it was most likely the stress of the empty nest, and missing someone who looked so similar, but with more wave to her hair.  She is also nutritionally conscious.  Yesterday I opened my mailbox and found an envelope of photos addressed to the woman who lived here before me.  I promise to take them to the apartment office unopened, but wouldn’t you be tempted just to take a peek?